Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lineup, what lineup?

OK, here's my 2 cents on the lineup (if you're reading this at the ballpark, it's 7 cents).

- get Zimmerman out of the top 4. He can't produce at all right now, looks terrible at the plate, and needs to lick his wounds and get better in the lower half of the lineup.

- put Kearns at the top, where he can't hit into as many double plays, and where the only thing he can manage well at the plate -- walks -- might actually help. He's probably too slow for leadoff on most teams, but on the Nationals he seems positively svelte, and he hustles.

- please, please, please get Jesus Flores back up and into the lineup and let him see if his reasonable start with few at-bats can hold at all. His 11 at-bats have yielded a single, 2 doubles and a HR.

Why not get drastic -- what're we gonna do, lose? Here we go:

1. Kearns
2. Milledge
3. Guzman
4. Johnson
5. Belliard
6. Zimmerman
7. Pena
8. Flores/LoDuca (please not Estrada)
9. Pitcher

I put Milledge into the top 4, since he's batting over .300, and Belliard's looking anemic after a strong spring. Belliard-Zimmerman-Pena and either Flores or Lo Duca could be a bottom half that inspires some respect, assuming they find themselves.

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